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a twist story, the reader should be kept guessing right to the end.Planting red herringsRed herrings, unlike twists in the tale, are simply false trails which are designed to lead you down a proverbial blind alley.For example, Sally is initially the obvious choice for Mark’s murderer but can be eliminated by a helpfully detailed pathologist’s report.Explaining the inexplicableUnlike fantasy, which features magical creatures such as goblins and gremlins within parallel worlds and time zones, science fiction explores the concepts and implications of space and time travel, scientific developments and theoretical possibilities.The premise you use need not be proven scientific fact but it must have a factual basis and it must be theoretically possible.Within these constraints, the science fiction writer can approach the genre from a variety of angles.Exploring the influence of technological change from both negative and positive angles.Voicing concerns for the future of the planet.Exploring the possible damaging effect of new technology when taken to the edges of theoretical probability.Using technological advances to provide a futuristic setting for an adventure story or political novel.Many are humanoid but if they are, they always have one strange characteristic by which they can be identified.Of those that aren’t humanoid, hostile aliens tend to be slimy or scaly, whilst friendly ones are usually cuddly and/or furry.However, watch out for aliens disguised as earth creatures.These may take the form of insects or small mammals, only revealing their true identity under certain traumatic conditions.As all aliens function differently from Earthlings, one effective method of introducing humour is to give your alien a slightly irritating quirk or habit which may or may not be the same as any special powers or abilities it may possess.Travelling in time and spaceTravel to the past often aims to prevent a catastrophe in the future or tackles political issues such as what might have happened if historical events had

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