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Post Info TOPIC: Zoned Heating & Cooling System For Your Home

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Zoned Heating & Cooling System For Your Home

Do you have a traditional heating and air conditioning system at home? Well, if yes, then you must know that based on the design and structural plan of the house, every room has different temperature needs. So, if you have a traditional heating and air conditioning system, it cannot cope with the varying needs of every room. This may result in wasted energy and discomfort in rooms. However, with a zoning system, you can heat and cool different rooms independently. This is a better option than a traditional HVAC system to address your heating and cooling needs. Zoned heating and cooling system can be a solution for many homeowners.


Zoned Heating & Cooling System


As the name suggests, zoned heating and cooling system breaks the home into different zones and every zone is controlled separately by a thermostat. This has many benefits like individual control of temperature in different rooms or elimination of hot and cold spots.


Heating and air conditioning zoning is best if your home has multiple floors. Since the warm air rises up, the rooms on higher floors will get warmer compared to the main floor. Similarly, rooms with large windows and direct sunlight will be warmer compared to other rooms. Zoning can control the temperature of these rooms and keep them comfortable at any time of the day. It also minimizes the flow of conditioned air to the lesser-used rooms, without wasting any energy.


How Does A Zoned Heating & Air Conditioning System Works?


A zoned heating and cooling system includes electronically controlled dampers in the ductwork. These dampers are like valves that control the flow of the heated and cooled air throughout the house. The safest way is to hire professional heating and air conditioning companies to divide the home into different zones.


The second part of this system is the thermostat, which is placed in each zone so that it can control the electronic dampers in the air ducts. Then every zone is fit with its own programmable thermostat and automated duct dampers. When a specific zone needs heating or cooling to attain the set temperature on the thermostat, the conditioned air will be routed from the HVAC equipment to that zone. The other zones that do not require similar temperature will not get any conditioned air. People staying in Northern California would definitely need to create HVAC zones in their homes.


Installing a zoned heating & cooling system may seem a little expensive but with its temperature control features and benefits offered by energy savings you can compensate for the initial investment.


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This is a great way to cool off in the summer or to warm up during the winter. Another great way to cool off outside of your home is to relax by your pool (if you have one, of course). You can get one pretty cheap these days, if you look around. It is not a "luxury" like it used to be. If you are ever in a need of pool decking, be sure to hire a trusted and tested contractor :)


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